Petrolo Valdarno di Sopra Galatrona 2018 Magnum

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1 l = 130,00 €

97 Punkte Robert Parker's Wine Advocate: Petrolo is a certified organic grower, and this iconic expression of Merlot from Tuscany has now moved on from IGT status to the Val d'Arno di Sopra appellation. This is big news for an appellation trying to carve out its own identity in the competitive environment of Tuscan wine appellations. There is arguably no wine in this area near Arezzo more celebrated than Galatrona. The Petrolo 2018 Val d'Arno di Sopra Galatrona is a beautifully soft and supple expression with dark fruit, cherry, blackberry, tobacco, spice and smoked cedar wood. The results are balanced and elegant, and this vintage has a beautiful manner in which it presents the intensity and depth of Tuscan Merlot without any of the heaviness or darkness you might anticipate. Everything comes together here with careful precision and wholeness.

98 Punkte James Suckling: Aromas of blackberries, black olives, green olives and violets. It’s really aromatic. Full-bodied, yet so precise and polished with creamy, layered tannins that caress your palate. It’s extremely persistent and goes on for minutes. Only 40% new wood. Really balanced. All about purity and complexity From organically grown grapes. Try after 2023.

1,5l Magnum in der Einzelschatulle

14,5% Alkoholgehalt

Enthält Sulfit

Petrolo Società Agricola s.s.
Loc. Petrolo N° 30
Mercatale Valdarno
52021 Bucine, Arezzo, Italia

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